Well, we did it again. Did you hear about the first two? Probably not. We didn’t invite the media.. Too dangerous. Now that we’ve figured out how to run this tournament safely, we invited a photographer. Actually this is the first year I wasn’t blacked out before the tournament started and managed to take a few pictures before- you guessed it- black out.

A little background. 4 summers ago (July 2012), we decided to stay up late, dress up in American flag shorts, drink beer, and watch the opening round of the British Open. Here are the only pictures from that year.

Shiddy Golf

Two Idiots Who Like to Have Fun

The next year, we decided to play mini-golf around the house. A tradition is born. 18 holes, designed one at a time by the winner of the previous hole. A gold coffee mug is the cup. Hole 18 was down the stairs. Tee time was roughly 2am Thursday morning. Shark won, no formal score was kept. We blacked out. Here’s the only evidence.


Cold American Refreshment

American Golf Fun

Three Idiots Who Like to Have Fun.

The following summer we were in back in West Chester starting The Shiddy Life Company. We kept the drinking tradition alive, putted around the basement, but no formal round was played.

For the second Open, we recruited a few new players. Changed the hole design rule to a rotating system- keeping the course fair. Tee time was the same as the first year, 2am.


Round 2!


Angry Golf Shark



We kept score on a white board, but no photo was taken. Shark defended his title, the face mask, and won for the second consecutive year.

Which brings us to this 2016. Inclement weather forced us to delay the round until 2:30 am Saturday morning. We also changed the format. The Front 9 was to be held outdoors for the first time ever. Since the last Open, an artificial chipping green has been installed nearby. We drove the FJ down, plugged in two spotlights, and lit that bitch up.

British Open Go Have Fun Field

The Field

Bud Light, PBR, Budweiser, America, Golf

Bud Light Shotgun


Hole 6: The Twin Towers


A Shot of the Green

A lot of Budweiser, Bud Light, missed puts, shotguns, side-bets, obstacles, a hole-in-1, raised tee boxes, and a front 9 low of 26 by two-time defending champion Shark brought us back to the house around 3:45 am.


Josh on the Tee Box at 13


The Approach on 11

Bud Light, Budweiser, America, Golf, Go Have Fun, Shiddy Life

Just Another Night at 5636 Oslo



Shark Choking on 17 – Note the Elevated Tee Box

The front 9 took just over an hour. The back 9 took three. We finished around 7am with the sun shining. We had another hole-in-one, some creative and new hole designs, Josh fell asleep after the 13th, a few guest appearances, and the traditional 18th hole down the stairs. What we got was Midi doing the opposite of what he does on a real golf course. Staying composed, firing a 33 on the back and emerging as the 2016 Open champion.


The Official Scorecard

Think you can do better? We’ll be hosting the 4th annual next summer in Park City, Utah. You’re invited.

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