Food in Utah SUCKS.

Let me be clear, there are a lot of nice restaurants here with great food. Unfortunately, everything from pizza to hoagies- you know, the good stuff- is done pretty sub par. Deductive reasoning has left me with one culprit, the bread. Growing up just outside Philadelphia, I was raised on cheesesteaks. Any hole-in-the-wall cheesesteak place back home might be the best you’ve ever had. After four years of living here I have found many places that claim to do real Phillys, it was time to see how they stacked up against one another.


The four spots we tested are all located in Salt Lake City. The Philadelphian, Capriotti’s, Moochie’s, and DP Cheesesteaks. We have included maps and links to their respective websites below. DP and Moochie’s have multiple locations in the Salt Lake area, we used the locations most convenient to us.

*Disclaimer: Maxwell’s ECE does a great Philly, offering Wiz, Provolone and  American (The real 3 from back home) and serve it on an Amoroso roll, however as a Maxwell’s employee I decided to leave them out of this contest. 

We used 3 main categories to rank the cheesesteaks:

  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Bread

The Cheesesteaks:

Go Have Fun Philly Cheesesteaks

From Left to Right: The Philadelphian, Capriotti’s, Moochie’s, DP Cheesesteaks

Here are the results:


  1. Moochie’s
  2. The Philadelphian
  3. DP Cheesesteaks
  4. Capriotti’s

DP was the favorite in this category but we were disappointed on this particular day. The meat was over-seasoned and extremely peppery. The Philadelphian meat was very flavorful but Moochie’s took top place here for three reasons- flavor, amount, and how finely chopped it was.


  1. DP Cheesesteaks
  2. Moochie’s
  3. Capriotti’s
  4. The Philadelphian

DP Cheeststeaks ran away with this category and it wasn’t even close. Different people prefer different cheeses with their cheesesteaks. DP offers the big 3: wiz, american, and provolone. None of the other spots even give a choice. Moochie’s and Capriotti’s both use American and The Philadelphian only offers provolone, Moochie’s meat to cheese ratio was perfect so it got the nod over Capriotti’s in this category.


  1. Moochie’s
  2. DP Cheesesteaks
  3. Capriotti’s
  4. The Philadelphian

THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES A PHILLY A PHILLY IS THE BREAD. I tell people this all the time and it’s hard to understand if you’ve never actually tasted it. Moochie’s bread was near perfection. Fresh with a bit of crisp crunch on the outside just like a majority of authentic places in Philly. DP takes a different approach with a softer, seasoned roll and Capriotti’s does a decent job of replicating a hoagie roll from back east. The Philadelphian should be ranked fifth in this category.

*Maxwell’s ECE brings their bread in from Amoroso’s Bakery in Lansdowne, PA and would be ranked first or second here.


  1. Moochie’s
  2. DP Cheesesteaks
  3. Capriotti’s
  4. The Philadelphian

It was not an easy decision to rank Moochie’s over DP. Going into this contest we had DP as the frontrunner but on this day they were second best. The options at DP are a huge plus and deserve mention but weren’t enough to overtake Moochie’s. Capriotti’s was definitely third best but I recommend you try their Bobbie before their cheesesteak- it’s what they’re known for. The Philadelphian is exactly what I expect when I go somewhere way outside of Philadelphia that claims to do a Philly cheesesteak. Moochie’s takes the crown for year 1, providing the biggest, fullest, and best tasting cheesesteak in Salt Lake City.

We fully plan on doing this again next year and hope to add different locations. If you agree, disagree, have suggestions please let us know!



DP Cheesesteaks






The Philadelphian



  • 100% true! We’ve tried Moochies and DP’s. We frequent DP’s, but like you said, totally depends on the day with the meat. Overall it was our favorite though and they have birch beer. Win win!

  • Wow, so glad to hear we made #1, I didn’t even know this contest was going on. However, it’s not true that Moochie’s doesn’t offer a selection of cheese– we offer American, Prov, Whiz, Swiss and Mozzerella! So I guess you need to put us at #1 for that too. Thanks!

    • Joanna,
      We just were in the shop last week and realized our error. I guess you guys are the overwhelming favorite in SLC for Philly Cheesesteaks! Can’t wait to come back!

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