I think I found my new favorite summer activity. The past few weeks a group of us have been avidly playing beach volleyball (minus the beach). Until this year, I had only played a handful of times. Lately though I have become addicted.


It took us awhile to find decent courts. Our university has sand courts, but they feel more like gravel then they do sand. Liberty Park, a nearby hotspot, also has sand courts, but they are always incredibly crowded and filled with an array of interesting people. Finally, after checking out numerous courts, we found a fantastic one at Westminster University.

Some of the Shiddy Fam

Some of the Shiddy Fam

The past few weeks we have been playing volleyball there every few days. Every time we go we meet a few new people, but it is never too crowded.

Here are some of the Girls Showing us how it's Done...?

Here are some of the Girls Showing us how it’s Done…?

Thankfully, volleyball has provided something fun to do in the summer. It’s a great activity and requires some effort, but nothing too strenuous. We always play relaxed games and get a pretty even ratio of guys and girls. So far, this has been a great summer and I look forward to what the rest has to bring. So get out (or stay in), but remember to GO HAVE FUN!

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