Last night Josh and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Golden Road brewery. Golden Brewery is fairly new having just opened in 2011. We have bought several of their cases before, their Hefeweizen being my personal favorite. They brew and can their beers right here in LA, and it was a place we had been dying to try for awhile.


The Pub has an outside patio, and inside tables all are self-seating. They also have a bar that you can grab a few beers at. Josh and I decided to sit down at a table on the patio. Our server was extremely knowledgable about the beer, and brought us over some samples of his favorites. For my first beer I got the Saison Citron which is a 5.8 % abv and brewed with meyer lemons. I loved this beer, it was light and refreshing. Josh ordered the GRB RED, this is a 5.3 % abv and is a slightly toasty irish-style ale.  You can take my word for it that Josh liked his beer, because he finished it way faster than I finished mine. We also have heard their food is amazing, so we had to try it. We got some French fries and a Hearts of Palm Ceviche. Neither of us knew what hearts of palm was, so we googled it, its some sort of cabbage. The food was AWESOME and fairly cheap.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-3

I would have taken a picture of the fries, but we ate them without thinking. Once we finished our first round of beers, we ordered a second round (duh). This time I went with the Hefeweizen, I know I should have tried something knew (a seasonal beer) but I couldn’t help myself. Josh went with the 2020 which is a red IPA. They had a really cool deal going on with this beer. If you buy the beer and add +1 dollar you get a free case of 2020. No brainer, we did it. Now we have 8 2020 beers in our fridge which we will most likely drink this week after a long day of work.


We will definitely be taking a trip back to Golden Road brewery. There are so many beers that I want to try. They also do tours of the brewery!! What are you waiting for!?



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