Lately I seem to be pretty bored at night. I get bored during that awkward time when it’s too late to do much of anything, yet too early to go to bed. If I sit and watch TV every night I’ll become angry with myself for being lazy, but that’s what I usually find myself doing. The other night I decided to try something a bit different.

Living in Utah, I don’t have access to those fun, windy, tree-filled roads like I did growing up in Pennsylvania, but I do have access to some amazing (and intimidating) canyon passes. So the other night when I found myself bored and watching television again I decided to go for a drive. I went for a drive up and through a nearby canyon, named Emigration Canyon. The road is very tricky, yet entertaining, although it has a fair amount of residential areas throughout it.

Shiddy Moon

Naturally, I enjoy driving like an asshole, especially when no one else is around and I’m on a fun road. Knowing that I can’t have too much fun on a road with residential sections, I decided to check out another canyon pass that connected with Emigration Canyon, called Highway 65.

Go Have Fun Car

Highway 65 is incredibly desolate. The road feeds drivers deep into the mountains and consists of an incredible amount of switchbacks and elevation changes. There seems to be a hairpin turn every mile! Now that I was in the middle of nowhere, I began to have a little fun. I began flying through this canyon road until I noticed what looked to be a massive dark hole that was barely lit by the full moon. I had no idea where I was and after being gone for nearly two hours I decided I should turn back and head home.

Once I finally got back to my apartment around 2am, I decided to Google Maps the road I was on. It turns out that the giant black hole I saw was a massive lake. After researching the lake it turns out that it is a popular spot for cliff jumping.

Google Shiddy Maps

Deciding to go for that drive ended up being a great decision. I wound up finding an awesome road that I now drive for fun and while doing so discovered an epic lake that I’d never heard of.

Try something different because as I seem to repeatedly find out, that something different usually ends up becoming rather normal and frequent.

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