“Harbaugh sucks.” That is what the students at Rice-Eccles Stadium were chanting last night throughout most of the Utah-Michigan game. Many people predicted Michigan winning the game and a Michigan newspaper went as far as calling the matchup a “cupcake game.”

Utah go have fun

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, Utah won… Cupcake game my ass. Of course the media still wants to suck off Jim Harbaugh, but Utah certainly made their statement last night. The final score was 24-17.

utes shiddy life

The game started off very defensive. Utah played their typical game with a conservative offense that relies heavily on their outstanding defense. Thankfully, this played to Utah’s liking last night and with the help of Justin Thomas’ 55 yard pick-six the Utes took home the W.

spotted by FS1

Spotted by FS1

For those who are unaware, last night’s game was the second most expensive NCAA ticket in the nation this weekend. Unsurprisingly, Rice-Eccles stadium filled all 45,017 seats. After having been to four years worth of Utah football games, it’s safe to say this was definitely one of the wildest!

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