This past week I flew into Savannah, Georgia and then drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina where I met my family. Each year my family goes on a trip to Hilton Head since we often don’t get to visit each other much. This is something that each year I look forward to. Personally, I’m not one for the beach itself, but I love the atmosphere around it and the great golf in the area.

Shiddy Beach

This year golf wasn’t the only thing our trip consisted of though. Of course we did play plenty of golf, but we also toured some interesting historical areas in Savannah. Possibly the most intriguing part of the trip this year was our tour of an old cemetery. The cemetery dated back far beyond the civil war and was covered in low hanging live oak trees. This along with the numerous other tours we took were all very interesting.

Shiddy Cemetery

Forrest Gump was Shot Here!

Forrest Gump was Shot Here!

Although the tours in Savannah were breathtaking, I was looking forward to playing golf at this point. My father, uncle, and I are always the one’s who play. Every year my uncle seems to find some bs way of helping himself out on the golf course. This year his new personal way of assisting himself is that anytime he is in a sand trap he rakes the sand below his ball and places the ball back on top of where he raked. These things always end up in enjoyable argument to watch between my father and his brother.

Shiddy Shot

Overall, the trip was absolutely a success, but I’m looking forward to getting back out to Utah. I’m sure next year there will be new memories created and new ways for my uncle to shave a few strokes off his game!

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